ophthalmic product

Elite Digital Eye Chart Vision Optics Visual Acuity

$695 + shipping

  • Fluorescent keypad, testing in dark room is much easier.
  • No aiming! 2.4G RF remote control is omnidirectional.
  • Longer working distance, faster response, reliable performance.
  • Optional power supply solution, USB port or charger.
  • HDMI and VGA both supported (VGA cable adaptor is optional)
  • Compact size.
  • Video, audio and pictures, customized storage and display.
  • 5G system storage, easy as a drive.
  • Smart calibration, easy setup.
  • Continuously testing distance, from 1m to 7m.
  • Random sequencing of optotypes.
  • Imperial and Metric standard optional.
  • Mirror function available.
  • Online upgrade.

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